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Awards | SKE Triumphs London Design Awards 2023 Gold Winner

1/8/2024, 2:48:50 PM 967

Still the Original & Still the King

In the vibrant world of vaping where innovation and design meet to create exceptional experiences, SKE Vape has emerged as a luminary. We are thrilled to announce a momentous accomplishment: SKE Vape has been crowned the Gold Winner at the prestigious London Design Awards 2023. This victory is not just a recognition of excellence but also a testament to our unwavering commitment to innovation and quality. In the spotlight is our flagship creation, the SKE Crystal Bar, which stands as a testament to this commitment, proudly embodying our message: "Still the Original & Still the King."

Crystal Bar Vapes

Discover the Unmatched Quality

The heart of SKE Crystal Bar is the unique mesh coil atomizer technology, a breakthrough in vaping science. This pioneering technology is our answer to the perennial challenge of cotton burning in high-power mesh coil atomizers. Now the service life of disposable vapes has been significantly extended.

But the innovation doesn't stop there. The SKE Crystal Bar delivers a leap forward in ensuring longevity and consistent quality with every puff. Vapers enjoy a larger volume of atomized vapor, a fuller mouthfeel, stronger burst power, and impeccable flavor reproduction.

A Sight to Aesthetic Excellence

Inspired by the luminous facets of a polyhedral diamond and the purity of crystal, the Crystal Bar's design is a masterpiece. The 'inner circle and outer square' concept is a daring departure from the routine dual-color injection molding. Crafted with multiple sections as lustrous as a diamond, the SKE Crystal Bar shines brightly under sunlight, with light refracting beautifully within its cavities.

Adding to its allure are the micro curves on the PC case, which amplify the refractions as light transmits through the Crystal Bar. The result is a vaping product that not only looks brighter and more layered but also enhances the vaper’s visual experience. This commitment to advanced manufacturing processes and unconventional design sets the SKE Crystal Bar apart, making it more appealing than traditional disposable vapes.

SKE Crystal Bar Flavours

Visit SKE Vape and Engage

This award is not just a feather in our cap but an invitation to you – our valued customers and vape enthusiasts. Feel the comfort of Crystal Bar in your hand, savor the burst of flavors, and bask in the glow of its innovative light design. Visit our official website to delve deeper into the world of SKE Vape and join us in celebrating this remarkable achievement. Connect with us on social media, share your experiences, and become an integral part of our growing community.

As we bask in the glory of this prestigious award, we are reminded of our journey. From our humble beginnings to becoming a leader in the vape industry, our journey has been fueled by a passion for innovation and a commitment to excellence. The London Design Awards 2023 Gold Winner title is not just an award but also a recognition of our journey, our passion, and our dedication to being "Still the Original & Still the King." We invite you to be part of this exciting journey as we continue to innovate and set new standards in the vaping world.