WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

YOUTH PREVENTION (21+):for existing adult smokers and vapers only.


This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

youth prevention(21+):

for existing adult smokers and vapers only.

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Still the Original & Still the King
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Pod System

Dedicate Touch, stylish and elegant


They are meticulously selected by our team for their exceptional quality, unrivalled flavors, and high popularity with our customers.

About SKE Vape

“SKE” is the abbreviation of “Speed Skier Extreme”, which means “the Speed skier”, the e-cigarette brand SKE, was born in a sea of ice and snow, like a pathfinder full of adventurous spirit and pioneering character.


After experiencing the initial “wild growth”, SKE has gradually stabilized its development after successfully incubating a series of e-cigarettes like “Crystal Bar” that became popular in the vapers’ circle. Facing the uncertainty of the e-cigarette consumer market and the diversified market choices, SKE always embraces the challenges and keeps the original intention.


Originating from tobacco, beyond tobacco, to achieve a more interesting and convenient lifestyle of vaping is the ultimate mission of the SKE – a brand of speed skaters.

Why Choose SKE


SKE is one of the leading e-cigarette technology enterprises worldwide.



SKE’s production scale is solid and comprehensive.



After thousands of experiments, the defective product rate of SKE is very low


SKE pursues a harmonious balance between man and nature.

SKE obtains a number of patents in the industry


SKE obtains a number of patents in the industry

Exclusive Technology

SKE’s exclusive oil-coil separation technology solves oil leakage

SKE Certification

SKE firmly adheres to the concept of compliance, ensuring every product from SKE is reliable and safe to use.


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