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Awards | SKE Wins MUSE Design Awards 2023 Gold Winner

1/5/2024, 9:54:12 AM 701

The Muse Design Awards 2023 stands as a monumental milestone for SKE Vape. SKE is thrilled to announce the prestigious recognition of its flagship disposable vape, the SKE Crystal Bar, as the Gold Winner at the Muse Design Awards 2023! At the heart of this accolade lies the revolutionary mesh coil atomizer technology employed in the Crystal Bar, solving the common issue of cotton burning associated with high-power mesh coil atomizers in disposable vapes. This recognition is a testament to the meticulous design and innovative features that set the Crystal Bar apart in the competitive vaping world.

SKE Crystal Bar Vape

One of the essential aspects that caught the attention of the Muse Design Awards judges was the revolutionary mesh coil atomizer technology embedded in the SKE Crystal Bar. The mesh coil technology delivers a larger volume of atomized vapor and provides a fuller mouthfeel, stronger burst power, and unparalleled flavor reproduction.

The Muse Design Awards prioritizes pushing boundaries and challenging norms, and the SKE Crystal Bar aligns seamlessly with this ethos. Unlike its counterparts in the market, the modified mesh coil atomizer of the Crystal Bar opens up a wider range of flavor options, catering to the diverse preferences of vape enthusiasts. The incorporation of a breath light and an LED indicator on the base adds a unique touch, leaving a lasting impression on vapers.

Inspired by the brilliance of polyhedral diamonds and the transparency of pure crystals, the SKE Crystal Bar is a visual masterpiece. Crafted with multiple sections that shine like diamonds, the Crystal Bar Vape becomes crystal clear under sunlight, with intricate micro curves intentionally added to enhance light refractions. Its design, following the transparent concept of "inner circle and outer square," surpasses conventional dual-color injection molding, not only enhancing gripping comfort but also ensuring the vape stands firmly on every side. The advanced manufacturing processes, commitment to unconventional design, and the use of carefully selected materials make the SKE Crystal Bar more than just a disposable vape — it's a work of art.

SKE Crystal Bar Flavours

In conclusion, the SKE Crystal Bar's Muse Design Awards 2023 Gold Win is a testament to its innovation and excellence. SKE Vape is proud to bring this award-winning vape to the vaping market, setting new standards in design and performance. We invite our valued community to share this joy with us. Your thoughts and experiences with the SKE Crystal Bar are the lifeblood of our journey. Let your voices be heard, share your moments, and join us in celebrating the emblem of ingenuity and design prowess.