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Awards | SKE Clinches NY Product Design Awards 2023 Silver

1/5/2024, 5:53:29 PM 861

In the heart of innovation and relentless dedication to providing unparalleled vaping experiences, SKE Vape has emerged triumphant, securing the prestigious New York Product Design Awards 2023 Silver for its groundbreaking product, the SKE Crystal Bar. Beyond the gleaming accolade, this victory not only underscores SKE's commitment to pushing the boundaries of vape design but also heralds a new era in the vaping industry.

Mesh Coil Atomization

At the heart of the SKE Crystal Bar lies a revolutionary atomization technology, employing a mesh coil that solves the age-old problem of cotton burning in disposable vapes. This technological breakthrough not only ensures a cleaner, smoother draw free from the undesirable aftertaste of burnt cotton but also extends the service life of the disposable vape, offering a prolonged vaping journey that aligns with the demands of seasoned vapers. The result? A vaping experience that transcends the ordinary, affording a larger vapor volume, fuller mouthfeel, stronger burst power, and an unparalleled reproduction of flavors.

SKE Crystal Bars

Diversity in Flavor

One of the standout features contributing to the New York Product Design Awards 2023 Silver Winner is the wide Crystal Bar flavour range provided by the modified mesh coil. SKE Crystal Bar boasts an array of amazing flavors, surpassing the limited options found in similar products. Vapers can now embark on a flavor journey, exploring tastes that suit their preferences and moods.

LED Indicator Illuminating Experience

Adding a touch of aesthetics to the vaping ritual, the SKE Crystal Bar features an LED indicator at the base. The breath light, as it's aptly named, not only adds a futuristic allure but also serves as a functional element, providing vapers with a clear visual cue about the vaping device's status. It's an innovation that exemplifies the marriage of style and substance, where design isn't just about appearances but a holistic approach to enhancing user interaction with the device.

Inspired Visual Design

The transparent design of SKE Crystal Bar, drawing inspiration from the resplendent polyhedral diamond and the transparency of pure crystal, adorned with intentional micro curves, creates a captivating play of light for the crystal clear and brighter. The LED lighting enhances its crystal-clear appearance, making it a visual representation that captivates onlookers.

Inner Circle and Outer Square

The ergonomic design of the SKE Crystal Bar reveals a thoughtful approach that marries form and function seamlessly. The "inner circle and outer square" shape isn't just a design quirk but an intentional decision to improve gripping comfort and device stability. SKE Vape recognizes that a product is only as good as its usability, and in this aspect, the Crystal Bar shines.

SKE Crystal Bar Disposable Vape

Enjoy SKE, Enjoy Every Moment

Advanced manufacturing techniques, unconventional design choices, and a careful selection of materials converge to make the SKE Crystal Bar not just a vape but a statement of the essence of SKE's brand value. It's a philosophy that permeates the design, performance, and user experience of the award-winning vape.

To sum up, the New York Product Design Awards 2023 Silver is not just an accolade for SKE Vape. What's more, it's a validation of SKE's commitment to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction. As we celebrate, SKE Vape invites vape enthusiasts to explore the Crystal Bar, visit the SKE Crystal Vape website, stay informed, and join us in a vaping experience that transcends expectations.