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What Does MTL Mean Vape?

11/13/2023, 11:34:32 AM 1253

Vaping's blown up as a popular alternative to smoking cigarettes. There are so many kinds of vape gear and techniques nowadays. Knowing the lingo and methods helps you pick the best setup. A key decision is whether to do mouth-to-lung (MTL) or direct-lung (DL) hits.

So what is MTL vaping? Let's dive in.

MTL Vape Meaning

MTL stands for "mouth-to-lung" and refers to a specific style of vaping. MTL vape is when you inhale the vapor into your mouth first, then inhale it down into your lungs. It's like smoking a cigarette - you take a puff into the mouth and then breathe it in deeper.

mtl vape vs dtl vape

The point of MTL vaping is to mimic the tight draw and flavor of smoking. The vapor's gently pulled into the mouth with lower airflow. MTL vapers often use higher nic juices for satisfaction. The restricted airflow and lower power provide a tight, cigarette-like draw that's great for smokers transitioning to vaping.

Perks of MTL Vaping

There are some big advantages of using the MTL vaping technique:

  • It resembles smoking: The tight draw and mouth inhaling imitate lighting up. This makes MTL familiar for smokers switching to vaping.
  • Better flavor: Drawing vapor into the mouth first improves tasting nuanced ejuice flavors. You detect subtle notes.
  • More nic satisfaction: Higher nic plus inhaling into the mouth and lungs gives the nic feeling smokers want.
  • Less vapor: MTL produces smaller, denser clouds that are stealthy for public vaping without huge plumes.
  • Battery life: Lower-powered MTL tanks use less battery for longer vaping between charges.

MTL is awesome for smokers transitioning or anyone wanting to maximize flavor. It really provides satisfaction.

How to MTL Vape

Getting good at MTL vaping takes practice. Here are tips for proper technique:

  • Take short, gentle puffs -- don’t rip it hard.
  • Inhale vapor into mouth -- don’t inhale right away. Let it sit 1-2 secs.
  • Inhale softly to pull the vapor into the lungs.
  • Exhale slowly through nose or mouth, whatever’s comfortable.
  • Start around 10-15W. Slowly increase within your tank's range for warmth and thickness you like.
  • Use 12-18mg nic juice initially. Decrease nic over time as needed.

Getting the timing and settings dialed in is key for a tasty MTL vape. Be patient finding your best puff length, power, and nic.

Best MTL Vape Kit 2023

Vape Club put together a list of the best MTL vape kits with all the important features as well as spare parts:

Switching from Cigs to Vaping

cigarette signal

MTL vaping kits make transitioning from smoking to vaping easier:

Get an MTL tank with 12-18mg nic juice to start. It provides the satisfaction you need while adjusting.

  • Begin with a tighter draw and lower wattage around 10-15W. Mimic puffing like cigs initially.
  • Tweak your settings over 2-4 weeks to dial in your ideal vape. Increase watts, and lower nic to your sweet spot.
  • Take shorter, more frequent puffs if you need more nic at first. The right settings and juice can eliminate cigarette cravings.
  • Try different ejuice flavors to find some all-day vapes you love. Tobacco and menthol are easy starts.
  • Stick with it! Takes time to adapt to vaping. MTL makes the switch less harsh. The longer you vape, the better you'll feel.

With the right setup, MTL vaping can help smokers successfully kick the habit for good. Take it slowly finding your perfect settings and juices.

MTL vs Direct Lung Vape

We sort out a table to help new beginners clearly distinguish between MTL vape and DTL vaping.

MTL VapingDTL Vaping
Inhale StyleMouth then lungsStraight to the lungs
DrawTight like a cigaretteSuper airy and open
PowerLower - 10-30WHigher - 50-100W+
Coil ResistanceHigher - 1.2-2.0ohmsLower - 0.1-0.5ohms
Nic StrengthHigher - 12-24mgLower - 3-6mg
Vapor ProductionSmaller cloudsMassive clouds

So MTL vape is mouth hits, tight draw, low power, higher nic. DL vaping is direct lung inhales, open airflow, high watts, and epic clouds.

When to Use MTL or DL Vaping

Knowing when to use each makes the vaping experience better:

MTL Vaping Works Great For:

  • Just quit smoking  
  • Craving a cigarette
  • Tasting ejuice flavors  
  • Stealth public vaping

DL Vaping is Perfect For:

  • Vape tricks/cloud comps
  • Chasing huge clouds
  • High-watt rips
  • Satisfying lung hits

MTL vape shines for new vapers and flavor chasing. DL is great for cloud bros who love airflow and high power. Choose what best fits your vaping style.

Advanced MTL Vaping Options

Beyond starter kits, advanced customizable MTL gear is available:

  • Rebuildable Atomizers: Build and wick your own coils for the ultimate customized MTL vape.
  • Variable Voltage/Wattage Mods: Precisely control power output to customize warmth and density.
  • Temp Control Devices: Prevent dry hits and dial in consistent performance.
  • High Strength Nic Salts: Up to 50mg for intense throat hit and rapid nic delivery.
  • Pod Systems: Simple all-in-one setups that are easy to use for stealth nic salt MTL.

From basic kits to cutting-edge, MTL vaping has options for every experience level now.

The Bottom Line on MTL Vape

In summary, MTL vaping means inhaling vapor into the mouth first before breathing it down into the lungs. The tight cigarette-like draw helps smokers easily make the switch from cigs. MTL tanks, higher nic e-juices, and lower-powered mods create the ideal setup. Compared to the direct lung for chasing massive clouds, MTL improves flavor and nic satisfaction. Knowing about MTL vape helps you pick the right vaping gear and juice for your preferences.

Common MTL Vape Questions

Common MTL Questions

1. What is MTL vaping?

A: Mouth-to-lung - inhale vapor into the mouth first then into the lungs. Mimics the draw and feel of smoking a cigarette.

2. How does MTL vaping actually work?

A: Uses higher resistance coils around 1.0 - 2.0 ohms paired with lower powered devices typically 10-30W. This gives the tight MTL draw. Nic levels are higher too, usually 12-24mg.

3. What gear do you need for MTL vaping?

A: An MTL tank with adjustable airflow plus matching high-resistance MTL coils rated for low-wattage vaping. Using a mod that allows power control is ideal.

4. Is MTL or DL better for beginners switching from cigs?

A: MTL is way better for new vapers, especially smokers just quitting. It mimics smoking with the tight draw and higher nic. Easier transition.

5. Why choose MTL instead of DL?

A: MTL provides a tight cigarette-like draw, better nic satisfaction, and improved flavor. Lower vapor production is also more discrete for public use.

MTL Vaping Pros and Cons

Like any vaping style, MTL has both pros and cons to consider:

Pros of MTL Vape

  • Satisfying tight draw
  • Works well for converting smokers
  • Allows higher nicotine intake
  • Enhances flavor depth and nuance
  • Less vapor production is discreet
  • Easier on batteries for longer vaping

Cons of MTL Vape

  • Not as much cloud production
  • Restricted lung hits can take getting used to
  • Have to use higher nic e-juices
  • Prone to spitting with overly saturated coils
  • Smaller build decks on RTAs are trickier to build on

For many vapers, the pros of tighter draws and nic satisfaction outweigh the cons of less vapor. Just know both the advantages and disadvantages before committing to an MTL setup.

Are SKE vapes MTL or DTL?

SKE vapes are MTL vaping style. The SKE Crystal Bar disposable vape offers a meticulously calibrated MTL vaping experience that prioritizes flavor and nicotine efficiency.

How to Choose the Best MTL E-juice

Choosing the right ejuice is crucial to getting the most out of MTL vaping. Here are tips for selecting ideal MTL ejuice:

  • Nicotine Level: Start with 12-18mg for satisfaction then reduce as needed. Higher nic gives the throat hit MTL vapers crave.
  • PG/VG Ratio: 50/50 or 60PG/40VG works best. Higher PG provides more throat hits. Avoid max VG juices over 70% VG.
  • Simplicity: Single or simple 2-flavor mixes allow the nuances to shine versus complex recipes. Custards, tobacco, fruits, and menthols all work well.
  • Desserts/Bakery: Rich dense flavors like creams, custards, milkshakes, etc are satisfying.
  • Menthol: The cooling effect enhances the MTL experience. Try adding menthol to fruit or tobacco flavors.
  • Nicotine Salts: For stealthy pod system MTL, 25-50mg nic salts deliver fast nic satisfaction without huge clouds.

Testing different profiles and nic levels will help you zero in on your perfect MTL ejuice for all-day vaping.

How to Choose the Best MTL Mod

While fancy high-powered mods aren't necessary for MTL vaping, you still want a reliable regulated device. Here are tips for picking the perfect mod:

  • Lower Power: Look for mods in the 30-50 watt range since you won't be using high wattages. This provides room to tweak your settings.
  • Compact Size: Many MTL mods are single battery options in slimmer, tube-style designs for portability.
  • Good Battery Life: Longer battery life means you can vape all day without recharging. A 2000 mAh battery or above is ideal.
  • Reliable Performance: Shop quality brands known for consistent power delivery like Innokin, Aspire, Vaporesso, Smoant, etc.
  • Affordable Price: MTL starter kits are reasonably priced between $30-60 making them very budget-friendly.

A regulated MTL vape mod enhances reliability and consistency while giving some control over the wattage. Look for well-reviewed mods that fit your budget.

Advanced Tips for MTL Vaping

Ready to take your MTL vape game to the next level? Here are some pro tips:

  • Get a rebuildable MTL RTA. This allows you to fine-tune every aspect of the vape by customizing coils and wicks. Dial in the perfect draw resistance, flavor, and cloud production.
  • Explore high nicotine salt (nic salt) e-juices. Salts provide an intense nic buzz similar to smoking in low-powered pod systems delivering discreet MTL satisfaction.
  • Upgrade to a variable wattage/voltage mod. By being able to fine-tune the power output, you can customize the warmth and thickness of each hit.
  • Try a wide variety of PG/VG ratios and nicotine levels in your ejuice to see how they affect your experience. Higher PG and nic often work best.
  • Ask local vape shop employees for MTL gear and juice recommendations. They stay on top of the latest and greatest setups.
  • Watch YouTube reviews for the newest MTL atomizers and mods. See them in action from vaping experts.
  • Stay patient and experiment. With time, you'll learn how slight adjustments completely change the MTL experience.
  • Deeper delving allows discovering your perfect settings, gear, and ejuice for the ultimate MTL satisfaction. Don't be afraid to geek out and nerd out a little on the details.

To wrap up, MTL vaping refers to inhaling vapor into the mouth first before breathing it down into the lungs. This tight draw style helps smokers easily make the switch from cigs. The right combo of an MTL tank, higher nic e-juices, and a lower-powered mod creates an ideal setup. Compared to the direct lung vape for chasing massive clouds, MTL vape improves flavor and nic satisfaction. Hopefully, you now understand what MTL vaping is really all about, and why it provides a great alternative to smoking.

Reference: What does MTL & DTL Mean?